Monday, November 2, 2009

Mud Fest

Cat and Kitten CX presented by HPCX
Women's 3/4

Course Highlights: Up to four sections of running through thick mud.

Race Stats: 31 starters (4 HZ/PBRers, Ali, Sarah G, me and Victoria (incognito as Drexel))

Weather: Low 50s and mostly clear skies.

The Low Down: We lined up by pre-reg order which usually does not do me to well. But I got in line right behind Kim D and wasn't too worried about the first 500 feet. The gun went off and I was cruising until I realized the young lady in front of me had run through the tape causing me to have to dismount and go back under the tape behind her. There was so much mud on course that after the start there were 2 short sections that I found hard to ride and ended up running both. Then the course hit some steep uphill pavement before passing the finish line, which we would see 3 more times. The selections were made early in the race and I found myself near Ali and then trailing her. We could see Lindsey (Coppi) just ahead of us and I was trying my darndest to catch her. Ali and I cruised through the first lap or so together and then she crashed and had to use the pit. Luckily she got it back together and we rode the rest of the race together trying to catch another rider or two. Ali cruised past me right at the line, she sure is quick. Victoria and Sarah looked happy to finish. We all wished we wouldn't have had to pull so much mud out of our bikes as we rode along.

Summary: Awesome teammates + awesome fieldmates + cx = awesome. Always. + Kelley gave me a cupcake and didn't yell at me for detouring around Camden on the way home.

Other Lady Zoomers in attendance:
The usual suspects, Kristine, Andrea, Nikki and Kristin were all laying it down for those other ladies to clean up. Or at least, that's what I guess happened. It appears as if Nikki really slayed, nice work! I wish I could stay to watch them race more often, they are so fast.

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