Monday, November 2, 2009

Beacon Photos

Nate took some awesome pictures at Beacon this past Saturday. Here are a few of those of us he caught on film. This is me. I must look so sad staring down those barriers. Everyone else should have to add another beam to even compare to how I feel. My knees can't even see over those things. And I had to go up them next to Kathrin who is about a foot taller than me.
Here is Sara. Hopefully enjoying her first cross race. She rocked.
Bianca, showing off her long legs and ability to go up the 2 annoying stairs after the beach. I couldn't bring myself to include the picture of me at the same steps pushing with one hand off of the my leg to step up.
Ali, super focused, as she approaches the ampitheatre.

The men's Bs race right after the women's Bs. We usually get to stay and watch them. Here Ken and Drew are navigating the ampitheatre steps full of bicycle-carrying men.As Nate said, the remounts make for awesome still photos.

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