Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mercer Mud

Women’s 3/4

Course Highlights: mud. more mud.

Race Stats: 33 starters (2 HZ/PBRers Ali and I)

Weather: Sunny, warm. No extra layers necessary.

The Low Down:
The course was tough. A fast road start led on to muddy grass. The course has cool 180s and fun twisty turns. These lacked the fun factor when it turned in to long running sections. I think I got off my bike 5 to 7 times per lap. And we only did 3 laps. The bikes were also holding tons of mud so every time I ran, I lacked the energy to shoulder it. Next year, my TV time will include bike lifts during commercial breaks. I ate it at least 4 times. I also broke my helmet. Second helmet broken in my life. Both due to mud. Second helmet that I've broken because I landed on the back of my head. It's amazing what slamming to the ground can do to a helmet. Maybe that's why my head also hurt.

The most exciting part was that Ali and I sprinted for the line. Sort of. I led us on to the pavement, but she just motors so much faster than me and while I was trying to speed up, she sped by. Darn. I need to train with her more. Nice work girl.

Summary: I think I do better in the technical courses that are still mostly rideable. I can turn in slippery mud, like Granogue. But my muscles just don't power as fast as I'd like through the sticky mud. Plus, I need a pit bike. Hint hint. Cough cough.

Hopefully hitting up the rest of the MAC series this year. Ali and I are keeping each other motivated to "kill it". Or at least keep ourselves in the top ten for the season while still having a blast.

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