Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mercer Cup destroyed me.

Women’s 3/4

Course Highlights: muddy muddy mess

Race Stats: 30ish starters (1 HZ/PBRer)

Weather: misty and muddy

The Low Down: I was not a huge fan of the course. Pretty unexciting (sorry, Mercer Cup organizers – the event was awesome though). I was pretty nervous all week for the infamous fly over so I made sure to pre-ride the entire course. Luckily the course did not have the fly over but the fly over may have added some spice to the race. And maybe the course was not that bad, it easily could have been how lousy I was feeling that made it seem worse. Our drive down consisted of some fevers and chills followed by some nausea – an excellent start to the morning before a race. My legs really did not cooperate as I tried to keep up with the allstars in the race. Overall there was lots of mud, flat straight aways, a set of barriers, and a two step run up.

Summary: Muddy day, feeling sick, paying for it the rest of the week.

Racing both days this weekend may have not been the best idea for my health as I was sent home from the office with a self diagnosed acute bronchitis and some antibiotics.

Recovered, mostly, and looking forward to another racing weekend, hopefully a little more inspiring racing this weekend but of course it will be loads of fun…

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  1. super blogging ladies, see ya in the hamptons, dlowe