Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunny Day. Sweepin' the Clouds Away

We in Philadelphia were graced with lovely weather for most of MLK weekend. I hadn't been on my road bike in over 80 days. And no, I didn't count. My training log in Excel did it for me. But i had the pleasure this past weekend of riding not once, but three times.

On Friday I got out my friend Charles and we did a short 75min loop. And darn, 75min was tiring. And yes, that little n belongs there, it was not a 70mi ride. I wish I had the time and energy for that. Saturday I had to be at detention all morning, allowing the temperature to reach a lovely 50 degrees before Bianca and I embarked on our 2+ hour ride. Sunday was gloomy and wet, so I had a lazy day. But Monday I got out once again with Victoria and Sarah for another 2+ ride and a great post-ride snack at Ants Pants Cafe on South Street.

I am grateful for my friends, the weather and my trusty road bike. We will all meet again once I get my life back in balance. Somehow, this winter/spring has found me with the following commitments: planning a wedding, buying our first house, planning a school trip to Liverpool, training for a half-Ironman and pretending I'm training for bike racing season. Oh right, and work as a high school teacher. Looks like cyclocross might get the most attention this year (besides the tri, of course).