Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome, Fall Team Ride

Welcome to our Human Zoom Ladies team blog. As a team, we are going to try and post more often about racing, riding, and just having fun together. We want to share how much fun we have together and how we are just regular ladies enjoying our bicycles as often as possible. We are students, teachers, nurses, directors of non-profits and programmers. We ride bicycles for fun, health, and sport.


Today 7 of the 12 HZ ladies got together + Nate to go for a ride. We cruised to Valley Forge and schemed up ways to make our team even better. We even stopped in some lovely fall foliage to take a few pictures (to be posted shortly). We are proud that the new team president is one of us and we are excited for cyclocross season, the off-season and the another year of racing.

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